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Engagements & topics

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Mentorship - Supercharge Your Trajectory

Christian Songwriting Workshop - Lyrics, Rhythm, and Music

Strengths Discovery Workshop - Who Am I and How Will God Use Me?

The Emotionally Healthy Leader - 6 week Self-Awareness Course

Team Building Through Strengths Discovery

Measure Your Worth - How Your Value System Affects Your Future

How to Study the Bible - SOTAP method

Apologetics - Bible’s Reliability/ Science of Faith/ Was Jesus Real?

Essential Truths Study - Creation, Revelation, Vision

Bible Memorization Workshop - How God Can Use You to Transform Hearts

Evangelism Workshop - Using your 3-minute Testimony to Change the World

Proof That Your Church is Alive

Discerning the Holy Sprit's Guidance in Daily Life

Hermeneutics and the Importance of Cultural Context

Women: What Paul and Jesus Said and Did About It

Jesus and Justice

Ethnic and Cultural Diversity as an Asset in God's Work

The Intersection of Passions and Purpose

Social Justice and the Church

Self-publishing: Basic Foundations

Songwriting: Basic Foundations


Coastal Community Church - Guest Preacher (1/28/2024)

Peninsula Bible Church Retreat (Non-Denom) - Speaker (Jan 2024)

Coastal Community Church (PCUSA) - Guest Preacher (8/27/2023)

Palo Alto Vineyard Retreat at Hume Lake (Vineyard)- Worship Leader 

ISAAC - When Women Preach Podcast - Guest Speaker (4/4/2022)

InterVarsity Strengths Discovery Workshop (4/2/2022)

The Emotionally Healthy Leader - 6 week course (3/27/2022)

InterPublic Safety SLO - AAPI Hate Incidents in SLO County w/ local Law Enforcement (Dec 2021)

Agape Sunday Sermon - Can You Call God, Father? (Oct 2021)

Agape Sunday Sermon - Concern for God’s Glory (Sept 2021)

EPIC SLO Large Group Speaker on the Engagement of the HS in daily life (Sept 2021)

BOOK RELEASE - YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW: How a Mentor Can Supercharge Your Trajectory

SLO City Chamber - Co-founder and Speaker on  AAPI SLO (May 2021)

SLO County - STOP AAPI HATE Rally - Main Speaker (April 2021)

AACF (Asian American Christian Fellowship) Large Group Speaker (April 2021)

Inter Varsity Beyond Color Blind Book Club Guest Speaker (March 2021)

Agape Sunday Sermon - If Indeed Romans 8&9 (March 2021)

Agape Women’s Retreat (Sept 2020)

Agape Sunday Sermon - Why We Pray (Aug 2020)

Agape Sunday Sermon (Non-Denom) - While I am In the World (May 2020)

Journey Christian Fellowship Evangelism Workshop 2018

Journey Christian Fellowship Ladies’ Retreat 2017

Journey Christian Fellowship Bible Memorization Workshop 2017

Higher Connection Church - Women’s Event 2011

Higher Connection Church - Women’s Event 2010

University of Virginia College Students Retreat - 2009 

Cal Poly Unity Night: Main Speaker (800+ college Christian students) - 1998

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